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Mathismarkens Bataljon

Mathismarkens Bataljon
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About Mathismarkens Bataljon

Mathismarkens Bataljon is a so-called “søndagskorps” (Sunday corps), which means that is was a buekorps for the average, not so rich, boys, and that they drilled primarily on Sundays, and they still do.

The buekorps resides in an area that consists of Ladegårdsgaten, Rothaugen, Mulen and Kronengen-school. Mathismarkens is one of the buekorps who have been active all the time since they were founded. Mathismarkens Bataljon was at it’s largest in the years 1914 – 1916 when it had more than 500 members. Mathismarkens has a house in Egedes gate.

They cooperate with Markens Bataljon.

Mathismarkens Bataljon

Mathismarkens Bataljon
Founded: 15. juni 1887

The Elected Council (07/08)

  • Sjef: Christian Storum
  • 1.kompanisjef: Jørn Rune Valderhaug
  • Fanebærer: Marius Waage
  • 2. kompanisjef: Kim Rune Kleveland
  • 2.Løyntnant: Thomas L. Tjong
  • 4. Løyntnant: Jegier Nauzad
  • 1.Faneoffiser: Mathias Lillestøl
  • 2. Faneoffiser: Håvard Bjordal
  • 3. Faneoffiser: Chase Aleksander Jordal
  • Adjutant: Lars Bjørgo
  • Tambur: Tommy Lie
  • Hellebardsjef: Mathias Olaussen


Adresse: Mathismarkens Bataljon, Postboks 4137, 5853 Bergen.