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Markens Bataljon

Markens Bataljon
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About Markens Bataljon

Markens Bataljon is a so-called ”søndagskorps”, which means that it was a buekorps for average, not so rich, boys, and that they drilled primarily on Sundays.

Marken, which is a part of Bergen, borders to Nygaten, Kong Oskarsgate, Strømgaten, Kaigaten and Peter Motzfelts gate. To be a real “Markegutt” you have to be born within this area, and if possible on a tin plate. The founder of Markens was a boy named Herman Falck, which lived in the area.

Markens has had an uneven number of members through the years, but they can still be reckoned as on of Bergen’s 15 buekorps.

Markens Bataljon cooperates with Mathismarkens Bataljon. You can identify Markens by their use of the colours red and blue on their uniforms.

Markens Bataljon

Markens Bataljon
Founded: 4. juni 1859

The Elected Council (07/08)

  • Sjef: Karl Johan Johannesen By
  • Fanebærer: Kristoffer Wiemann
  • 1.Kompanisjef: Vidar Follesø
  • 2.Kompanisjef: Hans Torheim Slettebak
  • 1. Faneoffiser: Ole Johan Larsen
  • Tambur: Rasmus Lygre Gulbrandsen
  • 2.Løyntnant: Kim Andre Jørgensen
  • 4.Løyntnant: Oliver Solberg
  • 2.Faneoffiser: Herman Drejer
  • Oppslager: Øystein Rakap
  • Adjutant: Arne Follesø


Adresse: Markens Bataljon, Postboks 1282, 5001 Bergen.