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Lungegaardens Buekorps

Lungegaardens Buekorps
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About Lungegaardens Buekorps

Lungegaardens Buekorps is one of the yougest buekorps in Bergen, and is a buekorps for girls only.

Lungegaardens was founded by a group of girls who wanted a girls-brigade who resembled the gouverning pattern of the boys-brigades, meaning they wanted to gouvern themselves. They have worked hard to achieve the same level of quality that the best boys-brigades boosts, but so far they have not been able to achieve the required number of members to be able to train and gouvern efficiently.

The Buekorps uses a house in Strømgaten as their club house. Here they arrange many activities for their members, including activities during the easter holiday.

Lungegaardens Buekorps

Lungegaardens Buekorps
Founded: 7. oktober 1994

The Elected Council (07/08)

  • Sjef: Holly Hui
  • 1. Kompanisjef: Jeanett Andreassen
  • 2. Kompanisjef: Julie Askvik
  • Fanebærer: Inger Lise Knutsen
  • 1. Faneoffiser: Lise Valestrand
  • Tamburmajor: Lilly Hui (fungerende)
  • Hellebardsjef: Julie Askvik
  • Adjutant: Aase Celina Lønningen
  • 2. Faneoffiser: Silje Margrethe Horgen
  • 3. Faneoffiser: Sara Gundersen Olsen


Besøksadresse: Lungegaardens Buekorps, Strømgaten 10, 5008 Bergen.
Lungegaardens Buekorps, Postboks 492, 5805 Bergen