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Laksevågs Bueskyttere

Laksevågs Bueskyttere
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About Laksevågs Bueskyttere

Laksevågs Bueskyttere is a so-called “søndagskorps” (Sunday corps), which means that is was a buekorps for the average, not so rich, boys, and that they drilled primarily on Sundays. They still drill on Sundays, and they have a strong connection to their area, Laksevåg.

Their uniforms are very special, instead of the usual suits, they only have white shirts with ribbons coloured with Norway’s national colours, red white and blue.

The Norwegian holiday St. Hans is an important day for Laksevågs Bueskyttere. For many generations they have built the world’s largest barrel-fire in Kirkebukten on Laksevåg. They start working in May, and keep working until they are done. The largest fires have been as tall as 30 metres.

The Buekorps was not active during the period 1970-78, but they managed to restart their activities in 1979.

Their house, in which there are activities for most of the year, lies in Skolegaten in Bergen.

Laksevågs Bueskyttere

Laksevågs Bueskyttere
Founded: 8. mai 1894

The Elected Council (07/08)

  • Sjef: Magnus Nygård Vågenes
  • 1.kompanisjef: Sean Deere Elvsås
  • Fanebærer: Anders Bibow Olsen
  • 2.kompanisjef: Torbjørn Reksten
  • 2. Løytnant: Erik Bolstad
  • 4. Løytnant: Øystein Ellingsen
  • Tambur: Fredrik Rasmussen
  • Adjutant: Kristoffer Hoshovde
  • 1.faneoffiser: Christian Elvsås
  • 2.faneoffiser: Chris H. Hansen
  • 3.faneoffiser: Erling Jensen
  • 4.faneoffiser: Odin Farestveit
  • 5.faneoffiser: Thomas O. Netteland
  • Oppslager: Emil L. Johan


Adresse: Laksevaags Bueskyttere, Skolegaten 6a, 5163 Laksevåg.
Telefon: 55 34 76 80