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Fjeldets Bataljon

Fjeldets Bataljon
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About Fjeldets Bataljon

Fjeldets Bataljon is one of the so-called “søndagskorps” (Sunday corps), which means that they were a buekorps for the average, not so rich, boys and that they primarily drilled on Sundays.

Fjeldets was founded by two boys named Georg Gjertsen and Bendix Rasmussen in 1857. They are situated on Pitterhaugen, which is situated between Skansen and the lowermost Fløibane station. They have their house in Krybbesmuget, which is close to Pitterhaugen.

Fjeldets Bataljon cooperates with Skutevikens Buekorps and Wesselengens Bataljon.

You can identify Fjeldets by their use of the colours white and green on their uniforms.

Fjeldets Bataljon

Fjeldets Bataljon
Founded: 22. mai 1857

The Elected Council (07/08)

  • Sjef: Chris Erik Ilebekk
  • 1. kompanisjef: Daniell Castell
  • 2. komp: Dwayne Ingvald Fairchild
  • Fanebærer: Tommy Anderssen
  • 2. Løytnant: Mats Juuhl
  • 4. Løytnant: Christer Rygg
  • Adjutant: Johan Ulvedal
  • Tamburmajor: Jørgen Carlsen
  • 1. Faneoffiser: Espen Toppe Johannesen
  • 2. Faneoffiser: Daniel Kjelby
  • 3. Faneoffiser: Eirik Nilsen
  • 4. Faneoffiser: Arvid Christian Aalvik
  • 5. Faneoffiser: Joakim Ulvedal


Adresse: Fjeldets Bataljon, Krybbesmuget 5, 5003 Bergen.