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What is a buekorps?

What is a Buekorps?
A Buekorps is a group of children (mainly boys) who practice marching, drumming and different formations in the streets of Bergen. Buekorps is a rare and very stange tradition orginating from the old ”police force” or brigades of citizens. Children had their fathers in these brigades and thought it looked cool, so they started playing with doing the same stuff their fathers were doing. The first buekorps Dræggens Buekorps dates all the way back to 1856, some also think that Skutevikens Bataljon is older, but that can’t be confirmed. Buekorpsene isn’t involved in politics, religion or anything of the like, EVERYONE can begin in a buekorps. There is one restriction though, only 3 buekorps accept girls, and only one of those Løvstakkens Jægerkorps accept both sexes.

When is the Buekorps season?
Just like football buekorps has a season. It starts around the end of february/start of march and goes on until the end of may/start of june.

Whats so special about this? We got drum groups where I live.
The drums is a major thing in buekorps, I won’t deny that, but the main thing is the ”soldiers” that exercise their marching and formations. Buekorps can be compared to a military unit who specialises in marching, and in making different formations to protect their flag.
Drummers from Dræggens Buekorps in one of the yearly contests A platoon from Nordnæs Bataillon doing a formation

Other Activities
Buekorps don't only march, they also have other activities. Football is a big thing in most Buekorps alongside with the marching, so is other sports. These other activities are most often practiced during the weekend when they are not marching, but some Buekorps have a special designated day for sports.
There has also been arranged a special football tournament between all the buekorps. This was in Nordnæsdalen, which is owned by the Buekorps Nordnæs Bataillon, in 2005. It was a great success and is likely to become a yearly tradition in the years to come.
Buekorps members playing football

Visiting other countries
Buekorps also often travel to other countries. The most popular destination for Buekorps is Denmark, simply because the language there is comprehendable even for the youngest kids, but Buekorps have also been in England, Scottland, France, the US and even Japan amongst others.
Some of you might remember that Nordnæs Bataillon visited Seattle in 1998 and Scottland in 2005.

If you got questions, please feel free to send them to info[AT] and we will try to the best of our ability to answer them.