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Welcome to, your greatest source for information about buekorps.

Buekorps is a Bergen tradition, although historically not unique for Bergen, it is only here that the tradition has survived. If you are visiting Bergen during the march - april period you might come across one, if you visit Bergen during 17th of may you will surely come across them all.

This website is one of the largest buekorps related websites currently online, and it is only here that you will find an easily understandable explaination on what a Buekorps is all about. The website is run and maintained by boys and girls who are still active in Buekorps, so please stay assured that you will find accurate information on this site.
Unfortunately a lot of the information on this website is only available in Norwegian, so if you know some Norwegian, or if you know someone who knows some Norwegian , you should check out our main page located at

Never heard of Buekorps?
Then we suggest you read our introductional guide before you look at the pictures in our gallery and read about the different inuvidual Buekorps listed by name to your right.