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Dræggens Buekorps

Dræggens Buekorps
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About Dræggens Buekorps

The buekorps is one of the so-called “lørdagskorps” (Saturday corps), which means that they have most of their activities on Saturdays. The term “lørdagskorps” also refers to the fact that this buekorps was for more wealthy boys, who came from families who could afford not working on Saturdays.

Dræggens Buekorps is by most reckoned as the oldest buekorps, having written sources of their existence dating as far back as 1856. The founders of Dræggens were three boys aged 11 – 12 years named Christian Joachim Mohn, Klaus Hanssen and August Gran.

Dræggens did originally march in the areas Dreggen, Øvregaten and Nye Sandviksvei, they drilled, and still drill, on the parade ground found in Bergenhus fort. Dræggens Buekorps own a house in Dreggen, and uses a hut on Jordalsfjellet. Dræggens cooperates with Nygards Bataljon and Nordnes Bataillon.

Except from a period in the 17th century, Dræggens has always used crossbows, and not rifles, as their “weapon”. Dræggens can be identified by their usage of the colours red and white on their uniforms.

Dræggens Buekorps

Dræggens Buekorps
Founded: 13. mai 1856

The Elected Council (07/08)

  • Chef: Baard Monsen
  • 1. Kompanisjef: Tom Hiis Bergh
  • 2. Kompanisjef: Espen Mellingen
  • Fanebærer: Mats Tertnes
  • 2. Løytnant: Nicolai Myking
  • 4. Løytnant: Sjur Lorentzen
  • Adjutant: Truls Hiis Bergh
  • Tamburmajor: Torstein Bakke
  • 1. Faneoffiser: Joakim Nilsen
  • 2. Faneoffiser: Joakim Eeg Nielsen
  • 3. Faneoffiser: Henrik Høvik
  • 4. Faneoffiser: Eirik Bakke


Adresse: Dræggens Buekorps, Nye Sandviksvei 4, 5003 Bergen.